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    Welcome to my SAT tutoring site.

      I urge you to read the following because it will give you a good understanding of my philosophy of SAT preparation.

    Though there has been much written about the SAT recently that challenges the effectiveness of the test in predicting college performance, and though some educational institutions no longer require the SAT, a good score on the SAT is still an important component of many college application packages.

    There are three necessary criteria for success on the SAT:

    •     Knowledge of the material that the SAT tests.
    •     Strong problem solving skills.
    •     Confidence

    Fortunately, a skilled teacher can help a student in all three of these areas.

    Knowledge of Material

    The SAT does not specifically test a students knowledge in any particular area, but it is impossible to do well on the SAT without a solid grounding in certain fundamentals:  reading skills and a good vocabulary in the verbal and writing sections: arithmetic, algebra, and geometry in the math sections. The good news is that it is possible to focus on those topics that are tested on the SAT, while ignoring those (trigonometry, for example) that are not. While I strongly believe in a broad education as part of college preparation, I work with students only on the topics that they need to know for SAT success.

    Problem Solving Skills

    If specific knowledge is not being tested on the SAT, what is? The SAT is actually a test of a studentís ability to reason. To some extent, reasoning ability is innate (though there are more types of intelligence than those that can be measured on an IQ test). But it is important to know that there are proven ways to approach problems that anybody can learn.  The SAT in particular is predictable in many ways, so the question types can be studied and solution strategies can be learned. I work with students to recognize the different types of questions and then to apply methods working with those questions that will consistently lead to correct answers.


    Most every student experiences a certain degree of anxiety when taking an important test like the SAT because it is a timed test and the stakes are high.  Some anxiety can be a good thing, but too much anxiety can cause any student to score lower than might be expected.  Knowing what to expect, from how the timing works and what the rules are, to what the questions will cover and how to deal with them, builds confidence. Confident students get higher scores. I work with students to develop a familiarity with the SAT in all of its aspects so that when they sit down on test day, all unnecessary elements of anxiety will be reduced to a minimum, and they will be confident in their ability to score at their highest level.


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